The Little Nightmares franchise will continue despite the purchase of Tarsier Studios

Bandai Namco have announced that the Little Nightmares series will continue in some shape or form even though creators Tarsier Studios, who were independent, were swallowed up by the Embracer Group, home of Deep Silver, THQ Nordic and others.

The most recent game, Little Nightmare II, has already shifted one million copies in just one month and there is also a series of comics set in the same universe.

“We’re very proud of the success of Little Nightmares and really grateful with how fans have embraced the universe through the games and the comics, putting their minds to work to find the wildest theories about Little Nightmares,” said Bandai Namco’s Herve Hoerdt. “These are two important milestones for a franchise that we have nurtured and grown within BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and would not be possible without the amazing support from the Little Nightmares community. We can’t wait to share with you what’s next in the Little Nightmares universe.” .

Tarsier was snapped up by Embracer at the tail end of 2019 and will be leaving Six and the world of Nightmares behind.

“We at Embracer are impressed with the position and the team that Tarsier has built up during 15 years, which is evident looking at the fantastic reviews that several of the studio’s famous productions have received, and with the future ambitions of the Studio,” said Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer Group, back in 2019. “Together with Tarsier, we want to invest in developing new projects, in the same manner they have done successfully in the past.”

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If you haven’t played either of the Little Nightmares games then you are missing out, I have reviwed both for TSA and had this to say about the sequel which scored 8/10 in my review.

It’s rather obvious, but if enjoyed the first Little Nightmares then you will enjoy the Little Nightmares II. While some new elements have been added it is more of a next chapter to the story than a full blown sequel. The attention detail is incredible, bringing the story to life without a single spoken word. It’s unsettling, creepy, darkly amusing, and at times a little frustrating, but immensely enjoyable. Another little, slime covered gem from Tarsier Studios.

Source: Press release

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