Little Nightmares II demo out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Switch – Get the first game free on PC!

A demo for Little Nightmares II has appeared for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is the same demo that appeared on PC via Steam and in December, with Bandai Namco promising that it would also appear PS4, Xbox One and Switch at the start of 2021. While we’re awaiting the Switch demo, it seems that day is today!

Update: The official announcement is here, and so is the Switch demo!

The first game is available on Xbox One as part of Xbox Live’s Games with Gold through January, but Bandai Namco are also giving away free codes for the PC Steam version of the game here until 17th January. Codes are in high demand, so patience or signing up to their newsletter is advised.

Little Nightmares II is coming out across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC on February 11th.

You can download the demo via the following links:

As per the blurb, Little Nightmares II is another suspenseful horror platformer, featuring Mono, a young boy trapped in a world that has been transformed into a living nightmare. He’s the new protagonist for the game, though Six from the first title will also play a major role.

The demo will let you play through the Wilderness level and encounter its bloodthirsty Resident, the Hunter, giving you a taste of what’s ahead in the full game this time next month.

I had some hands on time with a preview build of Little Nightmares II a few months ago, writing:

Little Nightmares II looks set to pick up right where the original game and its DLC left off, filled with a thick atmosphere and creepy new situations to find yourself in. Would that it could come out this month in time for Halloween, we’ll have to wait a few months longer until 11th February 2021 to continue the horrible little adventure.

The original Little Nightmares released back in 2017. Tuffcub reviewed the game and he said:

Little Nightmares is something of a minor classic. Gorgeously gross and surprisingly inventive, it creates a genuine feeling of terror and tension. It’s a bit odd to say a game that involves skipping over corpses is enjoyable, but it is, just don’t blame Tarsier if you have nightmares.

You can read the full Little Nightmares review here.

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