EA Play for Xbox Game Pass on PC will be available tomorrow

EA Play will be a part of Xbox Game Pass on PC from tomorrow, Thursday 18th March – specifically at 2PM PT (9PM GMT) – adding over 60 EA titles into the Windows 10 version of Microsoft’s subscription service. Finally!

There’s some added complexity to EA Play via Xbox Game Pass on PC, with the installation of an EA game forcing you to install the EA desktop app (currently in beta), log in or create an EA account, and then link the two accounts together.


Here’s a walkthrough of what you need to do for the first time set up:

EA Play offers a wide range of games on PC, from cross-platform titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Titanfall 2, to games that are only available on PC, such as Command & Conquer. EA Play also has access to 10 hour trials of recently released games, and provides discounts on game purchases via EA. Today sees the addition of Star Wars Squadrons to EA Play as a full game.

EA Play is added as an extension to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which costs £10.99 a month) and Xbox Game Pass for PC (£7.99 per month). The difference between the two is that Ultimate also includes access to Xbox Live Gold for Xbox console multiplayer, a range of Xbox console games and Cloud Gaming streamed to mobile devices.

It comes over three months after EA Play was originally planned to be added to Game Pass for PC in mid-December. Microsoft and EA announced their partnership in September 2020 (not long before Xbox Series X|S pre-orders were due to go live). It was coordinated so that EA Play’s library of console titles would join Xbox Game Pass on 10th November, the Xbox Series X|S launch date, but the Windows 10 equivalent lagged behind. The date was set for 15th December, but Microsoft delayed EA Play’s addition at the last moment, giving no timeline for users.

Now, finally, EA Play is here.

Source: press release

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  1. Wooo! Finally!

  2. more gaming goodness! :D

  3. I do not understand the excitement. EA play is like $30 a year on steam. Am I missing something here?
    I’ve had game pass ultimate (with ea play) and I’m finding it very expensive. Yes, you get loads of games but it turns out, I play none of those (future releases might be better).

    • If you have, want or are considering Game Pass, then this makes that better value, but it doesn’t affect EA Play’s own value.

      And Game Pass isn’t going to be for everyone, just like you might not always have things you want to watch on Netflix or whatever.

      • Thats a fair point. If you already have gamepass, then it’s a nice free edition.

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