The PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact is out now, details and download link here

According to the miHoYo development team the PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact should be available to download right for free right now from the PlayStation Store.

They have also posted a handy Q&A to answer some the burning questions posted by current players:

Q1: Will my game progress and data on the PlayStation®4 system be retained on the PlayStation®5 system?
A: Yep! Travelers can use their PSN account to log into Genshin Impact on the PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 system. The in-game data is the same on both systems, and the progress is shared across systems. Travelers can continue their adventure with confidence.

Q2: Is Genshin Impact on the PlayStation®5 still unable to share my progress cross-platform between PC/mobile and PlayStation®5?
A: Currently, the data from the PlayStation®5 system is not accessible on PC/mobile. However, users on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 systems can also enjoy the Co-Op experience like PC and mobile users!

Q3: What are the new features of the PlayStation®5 version, and what are the improvements compared to the previous version?
A: Travelers, please click on the link below to learn more about the excellent graphics and performance of Genshin Impact on PlayStation®5 from the miHoYo development team!

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Genshin Impact was one of our favourite RPGs of 2019 and one that has found a thriving global fanbase. Miguel reviewed the game at launch on PlayStation 4, awarding Genshin Impact an 8 out of 10 – here’s what he had to say:

Genshin Impact needs to be played to be believed. This is an addictive open-world adventure with gorgeous art and unique combat…and it’s free! The character designs are sharp and beautiful, while the pastel-style world itself is full of jaw-dropping colour and natural vistas…and it’s free! Sure, there’s the admittedly stingy gacha system, but if you just want an immersive and peaceful world to climb and fly around in for hours, then Genshin Impact is for you.

Source: mihoyo

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