Destruction AllStars Season 1 adds new character, photo mode, Blitz, and more

Having previously outlined their content roadmap for Destruction AllStars, developer Lucid Games have shared more details on their first season of new content which promises to be the PS5 exclusive’s biggest expansion to date.


It has just been confirmed that Destruction AllStars Season 1, Hotshots, will launch next week on May 5th, adding a welcome spread of new content to the game.

Lucid Games have been sharing more details on exactly what fans can expect. Firstly, there will be an AllStar Pass that dishes out rewards as you log in and play Destruction AllStars throughout the season. There will be free and premium versions of the pass, the latter coming tagged with more frequent and flashier unlocks. There are 100 reward tiers in total.

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Destruction AllStars will also be welcoming its first new playable character, Alba, who hails from Scotland.

There’s a new match type coming named Blitz that is being earmarked as the game’s main competitive mode. It will follow a similar format to Mayhem (think team deathmatch, but with cars) with four teams of three players. Matches are split between rounds, the first team hitting the score threshold taking a win, with character ability and hero energy carrying over. It’s worth noting that Blitz won’t be arriving until later on in the season.

Speaking of modes, Lucid will also be adding a photo mode to Destruction AllStars, letting players show off their stunning takedowns. Naturally, this will only be available via singleplayer.

While Destruction AllStars certainly has some novelty (besides being a car combat game released in 2021) the lack of free singleplayer content, coupled with the eventual repetition that sets in definitely hold the PlayStation exclusive back. In our Destruction AllStars review we scored the title a decent 6 out of 10:

The car combat genre has long been out of fashion and still has a way to go if it wants to take us back to its glory days of the 1990s. Destruction AllStars is a mostly satisfying modernisation that has some neat ideas and looks fantastic, though ultimately spins its tyres on repetitive rival-wrecking gameplay and a lack of truly worthwhile content at launch.

Destruction AllStars was originally slated to launch alongside Sony’s PlayStation 5 last November. However, the game was delayed only to emerge later as one of February 2021’s PlayStation Plus freebies. The game is now no longer available via PS+ and must be purchased via the PlayStation Store. We’ve yet to get confirmation on whether a physical launch is still going ahead.

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