Marvel’s Avengers Black Widow event, MCU skin now available

Superhero looter Marvel’s Avengers has kicked off its first Black Widow event, developer Crystal Dynamics have confirmed.

There are two events taking place in Marvel’s Avengers this month to celebrate the upcoming cinematic release of Black Widow which will release in July 2021.


The first event is known as the Rooskaya Protocols and is now live with the second Black Widow event, the Red Room Takeover, arriving on May 20th.

So what exactly are the Rooskaya Protocols? In short, this is a new series of missions that will unlock Black Widow themed rewards. In order to complete some objectives – namely collecting chips from rogue AIM Synthoids – will require that at least one member of your team is running the mission as Black Widow.

New nameplates will be available during this first leg of the event as well as a series of Red Room skins for each playable character. Speaking of skins, Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers is receiving its first skin based on the MCU today. Guess which Avenger has a new outfit in their wardrobe?

In March Marvel’s Avengers had its biggest post-launch content drop titled Future Imperfect. Following on from December’s Kate Bishop “Taking AIM” update, the free DLC expansion introduced Avengers mainstay Hawkeye as a playable character along with solo story missions and a new environment.

Here’s what we though in our review of the new content:

Overall, Operation: Future Imperfect is a small step in the right direction, but it fails to tackle the biggest issues Marvel’s Avengers faces. Those left bitter by the game’s live service hooks, uninspired loot, and reliance on grindy dungeon brawls will find nothing worth celebrating here.

During a recent Square Enix publisher showcase, we saw a glimpse of the Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion as well as the Marvels’ Avengers roadmap. It has been confirmed that players will be getting some MCU content in the form of a Red Room takeover later this spring.

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, the game has been recently added to Sony game streaming service, PlayStation Now.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers

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