What We Played #497 New Pokemon Snap, Returnal & Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

It’s been a funny old week, but then life is funny (this is the nonsensical British meaning of ‘funny’ by which I mean both horrible, and kind of alright at the same time). I’ve been playing Returnal and it’s brilliant, apart from the crashing and the not saving thing. Hopefully, they’ll fix those things because they are rubbish. Other than that I’ve been playing Knights of San Francisco on iOS which is pretty damn cool.

Nic B has played actual games other than Pokemon Go. He played the hell out of New Pokemon Snap, “which is very good, if lacking in a couple of areas. A few easy changes could make this game truly shine”. He’s also picked up Monster Hunter Rise again (and quickly got bored by Horde mode). He also played a lot of Pokemon Go, as you do.

Thomas died a bunch in space playing Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Other than that he’s been introducing his housemate to the Yakuza series, and started with 0. Thankfully he’s enjoying it so far. He’s also been hoovering up some final bits on Destiny 2 ahead of the new season next week.

Steve has been mostly distracting himself from the wait for Resi Village. To do so he played through the “fun but overlooked” Splatterhouse reboot on 360, saying it’s “crying out for a remaster to fix the terrible framerate but good bloody fun nonetheless”. Alongside that he played a bit of Streets of Rage 4 via PSNow. “It’s so good but I definitely need to work out the systems as bosses are hitting me with unblockables all over the shop. In line with Star Wars Day I’ve been dipping in and out of Star Wars Pinball VR for review, but still forming my opinion. I obviously ‘played’ the Resi demo but that was more about stress testing graphics settings. Looks like my RTX 2060 can run it with most bells and whistles at my monitor’s 1080p so I’m happy with that.”

Tuffcub played Dark Nights with Poe & Munro, R-Type Final 2, Outriders, Wreckfest, and Tetris Effect. He said, “I dont get what the fuss is with Tetris Effect, even in VR. Sure, it’s pretty and the music is great but it’s still just blocks falling down a screen. Meh.” Obviously, he’s wrong, but it’s lovely to see him playing something other than Destiny 2. Nick P meanwhile has lived and breathed Resident Evil Village, completing it three times on his way to our review.

Reuben has been on a Resident Evil kick this week because of Village. So, he’s cleared Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 3 (2020), and has been plugging some time into RE:Resistance too, “which is great and I would really recommend it. Other than that I played the excellent Rain On Your Parade over the weekend, and got involved with Star Wars Day by notching up a little more progress in Jedi: Fallen Order.”

Aran has been playing a lot of Forza Horizon 4. He tells us, “It is such a good game to unwind with, and I’m discovering new music through the stations which is nice. Also played more Sunset Overdrive, which is bonkers in a good way. Some of the weapons are mad, especially the kitty cannon.”

Tef has finished Quantum Break over the weekend, saying “I rather enjoying the time-twisting story and abilities, even if the TV show elements were very forced. I’ve also carried on with Returnal. I was hilariously overpowered by the time I got to the final boss, and got lucky by having the auto-update disabled when things kicked off with the bad patch on Wednesday. The game is still fantastic.”

And now, what have you played?

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  1. I’ve just been playing Borderlands 2 this week. I think I’m doing OK, maybe about half way through? There’s a lot more side missions to do than I remember!

  2. Played alot! Got DiRT 5 Platinum.
    Played Life is Strange 2 and got the Platinum. Really enjoyed that game.
    One trophy away from Subnautica Plat.
    About to nab Wreckfest Platinum in an hour or so.
    Playing Zombie Army 4 with the lads tonight.
    Finally Resident Evil Village the whole weekend ^^

  3. Last weekend involved no gaming at all, but I nearly lost an arm putting some shelves up. There was blood everywhere. May be a slight exaggeration there, but there was some blood. And we had to do it twice. All very well making sure your shelves are all the same distance apart, and both of you are putting each end that same distance apart, but if you fail to get the first one level, you’re in for a weekend of blaming each other and having to do it all over again.

    So after that (with a gaping wound on my hand), some gaming occurred.

    Bit of Avengers. Quite a bit, actually. The grindy end bit. Still enjoying it, but for everything they got right, there’s something stupid they did.

    And Wreckfest on the PS5. Generally an improvement, still incredibly stupid in places. (Double decker cars??). And the DualSense trigger things are actually done well, but only when you’ve smashed your car up a lot and it adds some resistance.

    Plus plenty of Alvo. And some PS Now things. And various F2P things. It was one of those weeks where I couldn’t decide what to play. And then randomly started a new game of Stellaris, which obviously took up many hours.

  4. Breath of the Wild has finally clicked, after many many attempts. I’ve enjoyed exploring and finding the shrines, but I can’t really see why people love it so much. The first 6 hours were absolutely horrible. Now I actually have some hearts and decent weapons, I’ve blitzed through the divine beasts in a couple of hours. When I’ve finished the main quests and the shrines, I can’t see me bothering with anything else. Oh and there’s way too much climbing too.

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