Hunter’s Arena: Legends PS5 and PS4 closed beta starts next week

Developer Mantisco has announced that it is hosting a closed beta for its 30 player PvP and PvE Battle Royale Hunter’s Arena: Legends on PS5 and PS4, with the action set to start on May 14th. However, this beta is only up for limited times on May 14th and May 15th. To apply for the closed beta you will need to sign up through Hunter’s Arena: Legends official site. Access will be granted on a first come first served basis.

The times that the Hunter’s Arena: Legends Closed Beta Test will be available are listed below.
    • May 14, 2021 04:00pm ~ 11:59pm (EDT)
    • May 15, 2021 04:00pm ~ 11:59pm (EDT)
    • May 14, 2021 04:00pm ~ 11:59pm (CEST)
    • May 15, 2021 04:00pm ~ 11:59pm (CEST)
    • May 14, 2021 04:00pm ~ 11:59pm (Korea Standard Time)
    • May 15, 2021 04:00pm ~ 11:59pm (Korea Standard Time)

In Hunter’s Arena: Legends players will be battling each other in a world where demons have surfaced. The reason the Hunters are fighting each other is because one of them unleashed the demons so they do not trust each other. If PvP is not for you then you can enter the dungeons for rewards while facing off against demons and bosses. In this beta, players will have the option to choose from 12 Hunters from the roster. All player data will be wiped after the beta ends so you will not be able to carry progress over to the full release of Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

Source: PS Blog/ Mantisco

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