Amazon releases statement about New World storefront, “contemplating” a battle pass style system

Amazon Game Studios has released a statement about New World’s storefront that has appeared in the Alpha, after fan feedback that had concerns. From the statement, Amazon has clarified that all items in the storefront will not be necessary to get the full experience of New World, and that the items will be cosmetic in nature. However, Amazon has also stated it will be testing and potentially releasing items that give extra XP or allow fast travel, though has stated these items would be obtainable through gaming as well. The boost items would be for those who do not have a lot of time to invest into the game, according to the official Twitter. Full statement is below from Studio Director Rich Lawrence.

Some questions have come up recently from our Alpha patch notes discussing an in-game storefront. Our plan in having a store is to
create an outlet for players who find enough value in store items that they are happy to purchase them. Our plan is not, and never
will be, to create a feeling that store items are necessary to enjoy the game. All players will be able to play the full game experience.


All store items at launch will be exclusively cosmetic in nature. We are introducing the storefront in Alpha in order to test these items
and their value. No selections in the store or their indicated cost (during testing there is no real cost in any case) is final. Our purpose
is quality assurance and gathering player feedback, so please share your thoughts once the system is introduced. The testing
audience will see each type of item we are considering and have an opportunity to provide feedback before they are introduced to
the live game.

Looking towards the future, we will also test ideas on how to offer players quality of life items for mechanics like rested XP and fast
travel, both obtainable in-game and purchasable in the store. The timing of release for these types of items will depend on how
players progress in the months after launch. The more players who are able to experience all of our exciting end-game content and
game modes, the healthier the overall game experience will be for all players. 

Our goal with all items of any type is that they not offer an advantage that imbalances the game. We understand that this line based on player interpretation, so we ask for your patience while we test in Alpha and listen to your feedback.

For transparency on future plans, we are also contemplating, but have not finalized, a “battle pass” style program that would combine store items on a periodic basis. This will also be tested ahead of time to ensure it provides strong value without disrupting gameplay for those not participating. Much further along there is also the possibility of optional expansions, which would have a separate cost. 

A new trailer for New World was released last week. It is confirmed that New World will launch through Steam on August 31st, with those pre-ordering getting access to the New World closed beta which starts on July 20th.

Source: Twitter

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