Prison Architect: Second Chances will let you rehabilitate your prisoners in June

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven have announced Prison Architect: Second Chances, the fifth DLC expansion for the popular prison management sim. The Second Chances expansion will release on 16th June for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a 29th June release date for Nintendo Switch.


The emphasis, if you hadn’t already guess, is on rehabilitating prisoners in your care to help reduce their sentences and then reintegrate successfully into society. There’s several different ways you can do this, whether it’s introducing programmes that helps socialise inmates with civilians or take classes on conflict resolution. You’ll be incentivised to do so with a cash reward if inmates do not reoffend, but Wardens will also be charged for those that do reoffend, really pushing you to do more to help.

Gaz Wright, Games Design Manager on Prison Architect said, “Inmate rehabilitation in Prison Architect is something we have wanted to explore for a while, but we needed to research how to do it properly first. The programs in this expansion have been implemented in correctional facilities around the world and have started to see real results. We strived to make their implementation in Prison Architect feel authentic while maintaining the signature style players have come to expect from the game.”

Source: press release

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