Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake combines the classic JRPG with the Octopath Traveler engine

Square Enix has announced a remake of Dragon Quest III in HD-2D, fusing the classic JRPG with the game engine created for Octopath Traveler.


At this time, there’s no word on which platforms Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake will be coming to, and there’s also no indication on when it will release, but Square Enix note that it is “planned for simultaneous release on home consoles worldwide.” The game is in development by AMATA K.K. and Team Asano.

Dragon Quest 3 was originally released for the Famicom in 1988, selling over one million copies on its first day of release in Japan. Over the years it has been remade and ported to a number of later consoles, first with the 1996 SNES port, a Game Boy Color adaptation of the original release, and more modern ports to the Wii, 3DS, PS4, Switch, and more.

HD-2D combines 2D sprites with a 3D world.

Remaking the game again in the HD-2D style is a fascinating decision, and one that I’m totally here for, combining 2D sprites for characters with a 3D world and a ton of post-processing for a very distinctive look. Square Enix are already using the Octopath Traveler game engine for a new tactical RPG, Project Triangle Strategy, but it’s immediately clear that it’s well suited to bringing older 2D JRPG classics to more modern sensibilities, instead of throwing full 3D engines at them.

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As well as Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, Square Enix marked the series 35th anniversary by officially announcing Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate, the next instalment in the long-running series. There’s also Dragon Quest Treasures, a treasure-hunting RPG with the characters from Dragon Quest XI, a new expansion for the Japan-only MMO Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest X Offline, a top-down offline version of DQX, and mobile puzzle game Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi.

Most important for long-term fans outside of Japan, Square Enix has stated that there will be global simultaneous releases for the very first time in the series. Dragon Quest XII, Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake and Dragon Quest Treasures will all release simultaneously around the world. No more waiting!

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