Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fates announced – new battle system, Unreal Engine 5 & global release planned

Square Enix has officially announced Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate, capping off an announcement-filled 35th anniversary stream…. with a dramatic looking logo.

A release date has not been stated, and Square Enix also has not confirmed any platforms that Dragon Quest XII will be coming to, and there was basically no trailer or teaser shown outside of a logo:


While they were pretty tight lipped about the game, Square Enix did confirm a handful of intriguing elements. For one thing, the game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5, which does seem to imply that we might have a bit of a wait for its release, and it is under the direction of DQXI’s director Takeshi Uchikawa.

Much more impactful is that they will be revising the command battle system. There’s (again) no details here, but the team has created a prototype that they think is going to be fun to play with. At least the story has already been written and completed, so now it’s a case of putting everything into place through development.

It’s been another long wait for Dragon Quest fans, with Dragon Quest XI: Heroes of an Elusive Age releasing in 2017 in Japan, and 2018 in the rest of the world. Chances are it will have been at least 5 years before its successor arrives, though series creator Yuji Horii stated that Dragon Quest XII early production had started back in a New Years message in January 2020. Still, if there’s fresh invention and new ideas, then that will be worth the wait.

In our Dragon Quest XI review, Dom wrote:

While Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age doesn’t push the boundaries of RPG design in any new way, it is an enjoyable and refined return to the Dragon Quest franchise. Some might decry its lack of ambition, but for fans of the genre and the series, new experiences like this are few and far between.

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As well as Dragon Quest XII, Square Enix marked the series 35th anniversary by announcing Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake, fusing the classic JRPG with the Octopath Traveler engine. There’s also Dragon Quest Treasures, a treasure-hunting RPG with the characters from Dragon Quest XI, a new expansion for the Japan-only MMO Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest X Offline, a top-down offline version of DQX, and mobile puzzle game Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi.

As with DQXII, Square Enix has stated that there will be global simultaneous releases for Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake and Dragon Quest Treasures. No more waiting!

Source: Square Enix, Nibel

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