Puzzle platformer Out of Line launches on PC next month, consoles later this summer

Hand drawn puzzle platformer Out of Line will launch for PC on June 23rd with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions launching later this summer. The graphics for the game have been Inspired by Studio Ghibli and impressionist artwork while the story follows Sam, a young man who must escape from The Factory, a robotised assembly line, and discover his true identity.


Here are those ever so important key features!

Key Features
• Enjoy dozens of beautiful puzzles
• Learn to master the mechanics of the spear
• Interact with beautiful hand-drawn environments
• Learn from extraordinary characters
• Discover what San’s story means to you

The game’s main mechanic mechanics revolve around San’s spear which can be used to climb walls, activate switches, operate platforms, halt machinery and more.  Puzzles will block his path and may require trial and error to pass, but as Sam progresses he will  collects memory fragments that allow you to “experience emotional moments that will make you question whether the protagonist was better off remaining where he started.”

On occasion, San will team up with another of his kin with the two characters working in tandem, using their spears to get across more challenging sections. The spear is an easy to use tool and there is no threat of losing it as you can summon it back like Kratos’ axe or Thor’s Mjolnir.

We previewed the game a few weeks ago, “Out of Line looks extremely nice and the gameplay flows very well,” said Aran. “The opening section presented in the preview build sets up a world of danger and intrigue. The hand-drawn artwork sets the tone brilliantly and the majority of the gameplay is fun with the puzzles providing a deep challenge. Hopefully with a little tweaking to San’s spear balancing Out Of Line could be a puzzle platformer that lands with impact.”

Source: Press release

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