Epic Games Store: next free games confirmed for September 21st

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What are the next free Epic Games Store games? Since Epic launched their own rival to Steam’s digital store, they have continued to draw in PC gamers by showering them with free games every week.

It has been confirmed that the next pair of Epic free games will be arriving on September 21st. These include indie titles Out of Line and The Forest Quartet — simply log in and add them to your Epic account and they’re yours, forever! Before then, there’s still time to claim the latest free Epic Games Store

What are the next free Epic Games Store games?

First up, we have 2021’s Out of Line which received mixed reviews at launch, landing on an OpenCritic average of 69, drawing players in with its evocative art style.

  • Beautiful Hand-Drawn Puzzles: The game offers dozens of visually impressive puzzles, all of which are hand-drawn in a unique 2D style. Players will engage in challenging and visually captivating puzzles throughout the game.
  • Spear Mechanics: Players will learn to master the mechanics of the spear as they progress through the game. This suggests that the gameplay involves using the spear as a tool or weapon, adding an element of skill and strategy.
  • Hand-Drawn Environments: “Out of Line” features beautiful hand-drawn environments that players can interact with. These environments are likely to be a significant part of the game’s atmosphere and storytelling.
  • Intriguing Story: The game follows the adventures of the protagonist, San, on a quest to escape the Factory, which was once their home. The story unfolds across multiple chapters in a mysterious world, promising an engaging narrative.
  • Extraordinary Characters: Players will have the opportunity to interact with extraordinary characters as they progress through the game. These characters likely play a role in advancing the story and providing unique experiences.
  • Personal Discovery: The game invites players to discover what San’s story means to them, suggesting that it may offer a reflective and emotionally engaging narrative that resonates with players on a personal level.

Out of Line will be joined by a second Epic Games Store freebie next week. Not to be confused with grisly first person survival horror, The Forest, The Forest Quartet is a mysterious musical adventure that launched at the end of 2022. Here’s what to expect:

  • Three Acts, Three Band Members: The game is divided into three acts, each centered around a different member of the band. Players will explore the emotions and experiences of these band members as they progress through the narrative.
  • Puzzle-Solving: Expect to solve puzzles as you advance through the game. These puzzles likely play a significant role in understanding and connecting with the band members’ stories.
  • Spirit Powers: The spirit character possesses unique powers, including the ability to sing, interact with objects, create light, and transform into butterflies. These abilities will be used to explore the psyches of the band members and advance the story.
  • Immersive Soundtrack: Environments and objects in the game contribute to the soundtrack, enhancing the overall atmosphere. The inclusion of environmental sounds, such as forest fires or cavern winds, adds depth to the audio experience.
  • Emotional Story: “The Forest Quartet” promises a narrative that delves into themes of life, heartbreak, loss, grief, and the restoration of the band’s musical inspiration. The story appears to be a central focus of the game.
  • Intuitive Gameplay: The game offers a relaxing gameplay experience with no written descriptions or instructions. Players will progressively gain powers as they journey through the game, allowing for a more intuitive and immersive experience.

What free Epic Games Store game can I get now?

911 Operator: the clue is in the name, really. Developer Jutsu Games attempts to distil the real-life drama of handling emergency call in this intriguing indie simulator:

  • Emergency Dispatch: Players must rapidly respond to incoming emergency reports. This involves not only answering calls but also providing appropriate instructions or dispatching police, fire, or paramedic units as needed.
  • Realistic Calls: The game includes over 50 recorded dialogues inspired by real emergency calls, offering a mix of serious, dramatic, funny, and sometimes annoying situations.

  • Global Play: Players can choose from thousands of cities worldwide in the Free Play mode. The game downloads maps with real streets, addresses, and emergency infrastructure. Alternatively, the Career mode offers unique events in 6 selected cities.
  • Team Management: Manage a variety of police, fire department, and paramedic units with different vehicles and equipment, including helicopters, police cars, and more.
  • First Aid Instructions: Provide real first aid instructions to callers in need.
  • Diverse Reports: Encounter over 140 types of emergency reports, keeping gameplay varied and challenging.

Source: Epic Games Store