Company of Heroes 2 & Ardennes Assault are free to download and keep this weekend

Sega and Relic Entertainment have decided to give some stuff away this weekend, making Company of Heroes 2 and the standalone Ardennes Assault single player campaign free to download and keep on Steam!

You can grab the two of them for the sweet price of absolutely nothing from now until 3rd June. Just follow this link, log in and add them to your account:

Alongside this, the Company of Heroes franchise is on sale, with up to 80% off, whether it’s a single DLC pack or the franchise bundle – now £12.49 instead of £49.99.

And finally, you can get the Company of Heroes 2 Case Blue Mission Pack for free by heading over to Sega’s giveaway site and signing up.

That’s an awful lot of Company of Heroes for free or at bargain basement pricing!

I rather enjoyed Company of Heroes 2 when it released in 2013. I wrote in our review:

Company of Heroes 2 breathes a new life into the World War 2 setting, as the more desperate and brutal conflict on the Eastern Front is depicted with a particular feeling of authenticity. Throughout the story, Isakovich and Colonel Churkin argue the morality and realities of how they feel the war should have been fought, and this is a balance echoed by the two very different armies which face one another.

Meanwhile, Ardennes Assault mixed things up by putting the overarching counteroffensive from the Battle of the Bulge in your hands, letting you choose where to defend and where to assault.

The meta-map and the elements of persistence between missions make every decision you make count to a much greater degree, whether picking which mission to tackle next to knowing when to break off an assault and retreat. Though it’s pitched as a standalone expansion pack, and one that retains the Company of Heroes 2 branding, Ardennes Assault is full of new ideas that means it can quite happily stand on its own two feet.

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