The British Are Coming In The Next Company Of Heroes 2 Expansion

Though they were included in the first expansion for the original Company of Heroes game, the British have sat out the war in Company of Heroes 2, as the Russians and Americans took on the mantle of representing the Allied forces. That’s all set to change on 3rd September with the release of Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces.


This will be a standalone expansion, but rather than bundling single player and multiplayer content together, this will target the multiplayer and let you play online as the British, just as we saw with the additions in The Western Front Armies. In a nice move, it will be priced at £9.99 with a 10% discount for pre-ordering on Steam, but that’s doubled to 20% off if you own any product from the Company of Heroes franchise.

Of course, The Western Front Armies was a multiplayer prelude to the Ardennes Assault single player expansion, so I’d be surprised if Relic didn’t turn their gaze to making use of this British army in a single player campaign some time in the future.

Source: press release, YouTube