Mince your fellow earthlings to save humanity in Organs Please

Developers Techhome have unveiled a new twist on the personal management sim with their new game Organs Please. Like similar games in the genre you will be faced with a stream characters with various abilities, some of which are useful, but rather than decide if they get a job or gain access to you country you get to decide if they get minced and turned in to food to save the rest of the human race. Yummy.


The game will be part of next week’s Steam Next Fest with a demo available from June 16th from the Steam Page.

Here’s more on the game.

A dark and satirical management sim, where you take control of a recycling factory with a twist: it recycles humans. Your job is to decide who gets to escape our dying planet in a cozy spaceship and who sacrifices their blood, sweat and tears for humanity. Literally.

Earth’s population is on the verge of a global resource crisis. Can you build the spaceship on time and earn one more chance for humankind? Hurry, you only have only 30 days left!

Screen the visitors dying to get off the planet and more than willing to risk being turned into canned food, incinerated or hired as one of the factory’s employees. The pros and cons of each fate are debatable.

Manage the factory floor, construct new facilities and upgrade the research centre. Resources are finite, so try to make sure things don’t fall apart before the ship takes off.

Hire staff with unique quirks, fears and prejudices. Promote hard workers and keep them pampered with improved amenities. As for the lazy ones…they get sent to a special room in the darkest corner of the factory.

Juggle orders from competing organizations and be sure to meet your weekly quota to keep the higher-ups happy. Remember – you are alive as long as you are useful.

Source: Press release / Steam

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