Kena: Bridge of Spirits presentation delves into the development background, more footage shown

Ember Labs recently gave a presentation through the Tribeca Games Spotlight which gives players more of an insight into Kena: Bridge of Spirits, as well as the history of the studio. Ember Lab COO Josh Grier and CCO Mike Grier tell us of how Ember Lab started as a visual effects studio for animation, film, and advertising before shifting over to attempting to make a game. The brothers discuss the change in focus, and speak about the creatures known as The Rot that will help Kena on her journey. They also discuss the music of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and how they chose someone who has never done voice acting to be the voice of Kena.


The game is a story-driven action adventure in which Kena, a young Spirit Guide, heads off on a quest to discover what led to the demise of her village. Along the way she finds and builds a team of spirit companions called the Rot. You’ll be buddying up with them and enhancing their abilities to let you manipulate the environment, and you’ll have plenty of battling against monsters to do as well, trying to guide spirits to the other side.

Following its announcement people might have easily assumed this was a next-gen exclusive given just how fantastic it looked. It quickly turned out that the game was a timed console exclusive for Sony’s PlayStation, and would also bridge the generations, coming to PS4 and PC in addition to PS5 – the PC version has some rather modest system requirements as well. Either way, we’re excited to see more of this game as it emerges.

Though expected around the launch of the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, the game was eventually delayed until Q1 2021, with the team at Ember Labs citing the challenges  of working at home and slower than hoped development forcing them to take a little bit longer. That Q1 has now shifted back further to this summer with a 24th August 2021 release date. Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released for PS4, PS5, and PC.

Source: GameSpot

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