PSVR title Racket Fury is currently free on the PlayStation Store because reasons

For no apparent reason the PlayStation VR title Racket Fury is free on the PlayStation Store right now if you have PlayStation Plus. You can head over the store right now and add it to your library.


Unfortunately reviews for the game are few and far between, in fact there are only two listed on Metacritic, not even enough for it to get am average score. It’s never been mentioned on TSA either.

Here’s what VR Focus had to say in there 6/10 review:

Overall, Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR is a good table tennis simulator with great physics and a pleasant backdrop, but the lack of multiplayer and strange absence of music leave holes in what would otherwise be a very satisfying title. This is one of enthusiasts, though once the multiplayer comes out, it might be worth a second luck.

While Upload VR gave it a point less and were rather more critical.

Extremely simple and frustrating beyond belief, Racket Fury is disappointing because there is a good game underneath it all. Never has performing an action in a VR game felt so accurate to the real thing, and better balancing and more modes could turn it into a must-have for sports fans. Right now, however, it’s very far off from being that game, and you might have to spend a few hundred dollars extra to afford anger management sessions.

According to the description for the video above the game has “extremely accurate physics” and has been developed in cooperation with the professional table tennis players. The game came out in 2018 but clearly did not make an impact. It was developed by 10 Ants Hill who don’t seem to have any presence on the internet, and published by Cmoar Studio, a small indie company located in Poland, but their website seems is no longer online and they don’t appear to be active.


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  1. That first review you found mentions a lack of multiplayer. Which it has now. So it’s presumably “worth a second luck”. Especially for free.

    Although it must be said that the physics does seem quite realistic, and it seems to track the Move controllers quite well. So be prepared to lose lots, unless you’re actually good at table tennis. Which I’m not. But I have a degree in physics, so I can say the physics is realistic. And that also explains why I was shit at it when I gave it a go. Well known fact that getting a degree in physics removes all ability to play any games involving balls where you’d think a knowledge of physics would be advantageous.

  2. It’s been free for some days now and despite the need to have a PS Plus membership, it doesn’t have an expiry date when you look under information.

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