WRC 10 demo hits Steam Next Fest tomorrow – here’s what it includes

KT Racing and Nacon are jumping into the Steam Next Fest with a time-limited demo for their upcoming rally game WRC 10. Available from 16th to 22nd June, the demo will feature a handful of stages and cars to try out the latest evolution of the game’s physics on.

One thing you won’t be getting in the demo is the Acropolis Rally in Greece.


The Acropolis Rally is, initially, a part of the game’s range of historic content designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of WRC. It will be in the game as a classic event (and also a modern event after the changes to the real world championship calendar) alongside the San Remo rally in Italy. The game will ship with 10 classic rallies at launch, expanding to 12 new and adapted rallies through post-release updates.

But back to Steam Next Fest. From tomorrow, you’ll be able to grab a demo that includes a stage from three of the four new modern day rallies. It will include Spain and Croatia, both of which are asphalt stages, and Estonia, which is gravel.

We’ve been hands on with this demo a little ahead of time, checking out the three new stages and the latest evolution of the game’s handling model, which now accounts for ground effect in the car’s aerodynamics and has a new suspension system. It’s really quite a lot of fun! In our WRC 10 preview, I wrote:

WRC 10 is stuffed to the gills with content, both new and old, evolving and growing what has become a real highlight of the racing game genre.

WRC 10 will be released on 2nd September 2021, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and with a release on Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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