New, cleaner Xbox retail game box design spotted

A new design for physical Xbox game cases has been spotted, as pre-orders start to go live for upcoming games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. They sport a much less cluttered design that should hopefully be much clearer for games going forward.

The new box art template strips away the green band from the top of the case and moves the Xbox logo to the top left corner. Alongside it, a white section allows for the specifics of Xbox One and Xbox Series X support to be noted – Xbox Series S is not mentioned… because these discs won’t work on a digital only console! The top right corner then notes Xbox Series X|S optimisations and the Smart Delivery program. Admittedly this latter point doesn’t make sense for Flight Simulator.


Now missing from the front of the box are the HDR and 4K Ultra HD logos, which were always pretty pointless. We also don’t have the clutter of the massive ‘Optimized for Series X’ label that Microsoft originally planned to slap on the boxes, before realising that was exceptionally ugly. It’s pretty strange to realise that Xbox Series X is already onto its third box design, isn’t it?

Here’s Halo Infinite as a point of comparison:

All we can say is that the new design just looks much nicer and clearer. The ‘Standard’ banner on Forza Horizon 5 looks pretty out of place, though. With that in mind, we look forward to Microsoft’s next retail game case layout, coming to you in March 2022. Probably.

Source: Gamestop

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