Report: EA are reviving Dead Space, will be revealed next month

Dead Space will be a surprise showing at the upcoming EA Play event on 22nd July according to a number of sources. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb teased the reveal during an E3 stream saying “We’re going to see it… if we’re not dead first.” Eurogamer have also confirmed the rumour by saying it “tallies with information we’ve also heard.”


Earlier this month Jez Corden from Windows Central also hinted that a new Dead Space was on the way, and Gematsu have also said they have heard of a ‘reimagining’ of the franchise.

If it is Dead Space then the game will be going up against, well, Dead Space, as Glen Schofield, former executive producer at Visceral Games, the creators of Dead Space, and his team at Striking Distance Studios which is also made up of ex-Visceral staff, have announced The Callisto Protocol, a game that clearly continues the Dead Space tradition of horror in space.

The first two Dead Space games are widely considered to be classic games but unfortunately EA decided to force co-op in to the third title, thus losing the claustrophobic alone-in-the-dark atmosphere that made the first two games special. Spiralling costs made the games unprofitable, the original Dead Space from 2008 cost around $37 million to develop while the second game cost around $47 million.

EA Motive are said be making the new game and they recently released Star Wars Squadrons, a smaller game for EA but one that has proved very popular. EA have also changed their stance on single player games, for a time everything had to have co-op or multiplayer, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the recent Mass Effect remaster have sold really well.

Dead space

Dead Space: He’s behind you!

If the game is not Dead Space then there’s plenty of other franchises that could return Mirror’s Edge would be the obvious one but that’s already had a reboot. Syndicate was turned in to a rather rubbish FPS and it’s unlikely to be Burnout, as much as we’d like that. Of course the correct answer to which game should EA remake is Blur.

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  1. Very fond memories of this series from what seems like way back when. Remember the first two being great and while third (my dodgy memory may be deceiving me) seemed to jump the shark a bit (even for this type of game) but still very playable. Can’t recall the forced co-op of number 3 personally. What with DS potentially coming back and Skate 4 (not the official title I understand) EA are seriously risking falling back into some kind of good grace with gamers. As long as they don’t balls it up by copious micr transactions in space or near the vert ramps then I’ll be a happy chap but I won’t speak too soon.

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