Thrustmaster’s first officially licensed PS5 racing wheel is called T-GT II

Gaming wheel maker Thrustmaster has announced its first officially licensed racing wheel that is fully compatible with the PS5, and that racing wheel is called the T-GT II. It is available from today in Europe, but it will not hit the UK until September 1st, the US & Canada until October 5th, and the rest of the world by the end of the year. The price will be something that only the most enthusiastic racing fans may pay with the wheel costing more than the PS5. The complete T-GT II servo base, wheels, and pedals back will cost £699.99, the servo base and wheel pack will cost £599.99, and the servo base alone will cost £449.99. The wheel is also compatible with the PS4.



The main features of the T-GT II include:

  • T-LIN system that ensures force felt by the user is 100% proportional to the force determined in the game.
  • T-F.O.C. technology that allows the motor to respond dynamically and swiftly to requests for increased torque, while reducing drops in power.
  • T-MCE super-efficient cooling system that maintains linearity and dynamics with the powerful T-40VE motor.
  • T-TURBO power supply that delivers constant power, and massive peak power of 400 watts.
  • The Official GT wheel wrapped in real leather, featuring two mini-joysticks and four on-the-fly, selectors natively recognized in Gran Turismo™ Sport, differential braking adjustment, traction control,  fuel mapping; and torque management.

The wheel also features some new elements over its predecessors. This includes real time drift curve calculation, aka T-DCC, real time force feedback, aka T-RTF, and also has AEC-Q-certified printed circuit boards so that the wheel remains durable and fully functional for years to come.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Imagine THRUSTMASTER LTD appearing on the joint credit card bill…

    • Not a bad wheel but at that price I would rather have the Fanatec CSL DD, when they decide to release a version for PS5 that is!

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