Konami’s CrimeSight looks like an Among Us board game

Konami Crimesight Announced Beta PC Header

Konami have announced a new video game IP. Now, that’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying in 2021.

Their latest title, CrimeSight, is a social deduction game with a spin and looks like a tabletop version of Among Us. The Japanese publisher of hit franchises such as Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania haven’t given away too many details though a closed beta is now taking place on PC via Steam.


CrimeSight is already shaping up to be a tricky game to explain. Described as a PvP title designed for up to 4 players, each match will see futuristic AI versions of Sherlock and his nemesis, Moriarty, going head to head.

Six pawns will find themselves snowed in, roaming a forest cabin. Where one of them is a villain, another is a target ripe for killing. Depending on your role, you will assist Sherlock or Moriarty by either trying to detect who the villain is, or by carrying out the perfect crime.

CrimeSight will be turn based with players able to assign commands to pawns as day turns to night. As Moriarty tries to line up an unseen kill, Sherlock and their co-detectives will search for clues.

Konami are currently handing out invites to join the CrimeSight closed beta. You can either need to retweet a post via the official Twitter account or join the CrimeSight Discord server. It will run from today, June 25th, through until July 11th, giving you plenty of time to give their newest game a go.

If you’re curious about the game’s lore then here’s an introduction to CrimeSight’s world:

London, 2075, a time where serious crimes can be predicted, thanks to an analytical programme developed using data harvested online. The result: a 90% drop in such criminal activity across the globe. Until, that is, the system predicts a crime that could irrevocably plunge the world into chaos. This alarming discovery leaves the system’s architects little choice but to act. They pour their resources into developing an AI whose sole purpose is to investigate and prevent this apocalyptic crime.

Sherlock. Named after the legendary enigmatic detective of fiction, this AI’s raison d’être is investigation. He alone has the ability to unravel the truth from a twisted web of mysteries. And like the spider that sits motionless in the centre of its web, he awaits the arrival of the only prey equal to his abilities—Moriarty, a criminal mastermind.

It certainly looks like an exciting curveball from Konami – we’ll be investing CrimeSight for ourselves for sure.

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