After retiring from BioWare, Mass Effect creator announces new studio

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Casey Hudson, former BioWare GM and one of the creators of Mass Effect, has announced the opening of a new studio.


After retiring from BioWare last year, Hudson is now looking to build a team of creative talent for his latest venture, Humanoid Studios. Sticking within the realm of video games, the Mass Effect director is looking “to unleash the creative freedom of developers – bringing innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP.”

Right now we know very little about the fledgling Humanoid Studios. Here’s a statement from the game dev’s official website:

Founded by Casey Hudson and talented developers from around the world, we combine excellence in the arts with advanced sciences to deliver the future of interactive entertainment.

We believe in hiring great people, empowering them with the best tools and a supportive environment, and providing them the creative freedom to do their best work. We are building something special, and we invite you to join us.

Currently, Humanoid is looking to recruit a core team. There are currently openings for a senior gameplay programmer, senior gameplay designer, senior creative director, and senior level designer, among other roles.

Hudson confirmed his departure from BioWare late last year. He made the decision to retire from the EA-owned Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer to “make way for the next generation of studio leaders.”

In his absence, BioWare continue to work on their two tentpole franchises. Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 were finally made playable on PS4 and Xbox One with the recent launch of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The long-awaited trilogy revamp scored well in our review, scooping an impressive 9/10. At the end of 2020, BioWare teased their next game in the Mass Effect saga. We also got another look at Dragon Age 4. The fantasy RPG sequel was reportedly meant to have a multiplayer component which has been dropped during development.

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