See 9 more minutes of Deathloop gameplay in this official walkthrough

Sony and Bethesda gave us another good long look at Deathloop during tonight’s State of Play stream, Deathloop is set for release on 14th September for PlayStation 5 and PC.


The above trailer digs into one particular mission in the game: to kill Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorset at his twisted  ‘Nighty Night’ party. The video shows how you can tackle an objective in different ways. Death isn’t always the end of a particular run, with Cole able to wind back time to a previous place with the Reprise power. There’s definite shades of Dishonored to this with supernatural powers, and the game’s immersive sim credentials come as you overhear people talking to discover new ways to reach your target and can choose how you tackle your goal.

Your progress relies in part on Residium, a resource let you save weapons and abilities between loops, so sure to be quite precious. If you die, you can reclaim Residium from where Cole died and Reprised from, as well as from taking out a high-profile target like The Wolf.

Of course, you’re hunted across the island by a rival agent, Julianna, who regularly taunts Cole through the game and is controlled by AI or by another player. You’ll hear a sound as she invades your game and starts to hunt you down, so be on your guard!

The game boils down to a more murderous Groundhog Day, as Cole wakes up on the shore of Blackreef at the start of the day, goes about your business of trying to assassinate all of the Visionaries and then, whether he survives all the way to the end of the day or not, starts all over again. The one way out of this? Well, to murder all eight of the targets and break the loop.

The key to success is to learn how what makes the island tick, with four periods through the day and four districts to acquaint yourself, piecing together how the Visionaries can be manipulated so that you can kill all eight of them before the day is out. You can take as much time (or as many loops) as you need to figure it out. While you might always be sent back to the start of the day, this isn’t a roguelike (so the island and its routine remains fixed each spawn), but you will be able to keep weaponry and upgrades between loops, including supernatural abilities like blink teleporting as you might be familiar with from Arkane’s hit series Dishonored.

Deathloop was announced back at E3 2019, but it wasn’t until a year later at the PlayStation 5 reveal event that much of the game’s design and intent really came into focus. It was also at that event that the game was to be a PlayStation 5 timed console exclusive, and yes, that’s despite Microsoft then going on to buy up Bethesda as a whole.

Originally planned for release on 21st May 2021, Deathloop was delayed and will now release on 14th September.

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