Jupiter Hell will be coming out of Early Access on August 5th

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ChaosForge has announced that its turn based isometric roguelike Jupiter Hell will be coming out of Early Access on August 5th. The game will be available on Steam, GOG, and Humble. A price of $24.99 has been set but there is a 20% launch discount. The full release of Jupiter Hell will include the final act of the game, a trials mode which will allow players to mod the game to create different scenarios, a wave based arena mode, an endless mode to see how many random stages you can get through, a classic mode in which there are no story distractions. Mark Meer, aka Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard, lends his voice to Jupiter Hell.


Key features:

  • Tactical, turn-based combat with real-time responsiveness – Benefit from classic roguelike turns with modern shooter sensibilities. Controls are immediate and accessible while retaining the back-end depth of a turn-based RPG.

  • Meaningful RPG progression – Customize your character with new weapons, items and abilities gained as you progress through a permadeath-prone hell. Beat the game to unlock more difficult challenges rather than grinding to make the game easier.

  • Randomized levels set all over Jupiter’s orbit – Blast through procedurally-generated civilian sectors, military space bases and mining colonies on the violent moons of Jupiter. Every playthrough you’ll find new ways to experience familiar settings.

  • Original shooter roguelike lineage – Jupiter Hell is the crowning achievement of a 20-year roguelike development saga, coming from ChaosForge, the team that’s been making top-down, cosmic hell roguelikes since 2002.

The story of Jupiter Hell has players control a marine facing off against zombie and demons on the moons of Jupiter. The game really wears the DOOM influence on its sleeve. Jupiter Hell was a Kickstarter project with the campaign having 2083 backers with funds raised being £70,067. The original campaign for Jupiter Hell had a goal of £60,000.

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