Pokémon Unite Nintendo Switch release date confirmed for July 21st

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The Pokémon Company and Tencent have confirmed that the free to play MOBA Pokémon Unite will be available from July 21st on Nintendo Switch, with the mobile version expected to release in September. A bonus was also announced for early adopters with The Pokémon Company confirming that anyone who plays the game before August 31st will receive Zeraora’s Unite license. In addition, it has been confirmed that cross play between Nintendo Switch and mobile is planned, and cross progression will also be a feature.


Pokémon Unite will be a 5v5 team battler with each team of Pokémon vying for control of a map dotted with control points and lanes. The goal is to hold as many points as possible, scoring points until time runs out. Your Pokémon levels up through battle, evolving and gaining new moves along the way, some of which are unique to Unite. Here are the official rules:

Unite Battles are where Trainers and their partner Pokémon compete in 5-on-5 team battles. The key to victory in a Unite Battle is to have a higher score than the other team when time runs out. To earn points for your team, you must gather Aeos energy by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon and then deposit that energy in one of the opposing team’s goal zones. Unite Battles take place in various stadiums, and the rules for each stadium differ. There can be different numbers of team members, different match lengths, and even different Legendary Pokémon that appear.

Pokémon Unite will be completely free to download and play though expect to feel a familiar tug towards spending real money on microtransactions.

Source: The Pokémon Company

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