Free-to-start Pokémon Unite MOBA announced for Nintendo Switch and smartphones

The first fruits of The Pokémon Company’s partnership with Tencent have been revealed as a free-to-start Pokémon MOBA called Pokémon Unite. The game will be coming to Switch, iOS and Android.


The game will be a 5v5 team battler with each team of Pokémon vying for control of a map dotted with control points and lanes. The goal is to hold as many points as possible, scoring points until time runs out.

Your Pokémon levels up through battle, evolving and gaining new moves along the way, some of which are unique to Unite.

There’s no word on when the game will be released just yet, but it’s in development by Tencent’s TiMi studio. They’ve had a lot of success over the years, with games like Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor and, most notably, Call of Duty: Mobile.

The announcement comes after a string of other announcements and reveals last week. There they released Pokémon Smile, a mobile augmented reality app that’s designed to make brushing teeth a more fun activity for young children, Pokémon Cafe Mix, a cute little café managing puzzle game coming to Switch and smartphone, and New Pokémon Snap, a revival and sequel to the 20-year-old Nintendo 64 classic.

Source: press release


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