GameSir VX AimBox Review

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The long-standing battle between controller and mouse & keyboard is one that will likely never truly be decided. There are valid points on both sides about which is better, though the truth of the matter is that they both have strengths and weaknesses. While PC gamers can pick and choose, console owners have generally been restricted to only using controllers, with a few rare exceptions. The GameSir VX AimBox aims to change that, introducing keyboard and mouse compatibility through a peripheral adapter.

It’s a deceptively simple looking bit of kit. Just plug it into your console of choice – it works on both last gen and current gen consoles – connect your keyboard and mouse and you’re ready… to set the system up. This is definitely not a plug and play device, and each game needs its own setup if you are really going to get the most out of it.


Fortunately, the GameSir app enables an impressive amount of customisation. Download the app on iOS or Google and you can then start creating custom profiles for individual games. There are already a number of custom made profiles available on the app, which meant I could download a profile for Destiny 2 and get blasting almost straight away. Well, I had to set up the sensitivity for my mouse, which took a little while to get right, but most of the work was done for me.

In terms of usability, the VX Aimbox is definitely a little complicated to get started. However, with the right settings and some fiddling, you can get the controls to a point where they feel comfortable and pretty close to the PC. I’ve played hundreds of hours of Destiny 2 on PC, so finding the right control sensitivity was important to me. While I wasn’t completely there with how I play on PC, it wasn’t far off. With further tweaking you could definitely get it to the same level.

This raises some interesting questions. In games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, console controls have a certain amount of aim assist. This mostly makes up for the fact analog sticks aren’t as precise as a mouse. The problem is that the Aimbox VX lets you take advantage of that aim assist while also using mouse & keyboard. Now this isn’t really an issue in PvE situations, but it could give someone a noticeable advantage in a PvP arena.

There’s no real way for games to detect the use of such a device, so I can’t help but worry about the kind of ways it might be used. Having said that, gamers are a trustworthy bunch who would never use an unfair advantage in competitive games, right?

On the other hand, the GamerSir VX does present some interesting gaming opportunities. Let’s face it, Sony will continue to take its time porting titles to PC, and may never release its biggest titles. With the VX you can play big hitters like The Last of Us using mouse and keyboard. The same goes for other console exclusive staples. GameSir’s VX AimBox offers a rare glimpse at how triple-A exclusive console titles could play on PC.

At £59.99 the GameSir VX AimBox isn’t cheap, and that’s before you consider that you might need to shell out another £50-£100 for a decent keyboard and mouse combo. Suddenly, that price tag doesn’t look so affordable.

It’s this price point and need for a keyboard and mouse which makes me wonder who this adapter is really for. Chances are, anyone who has a decent keyboard and mouse likely already has a PC. Console gamers without a PC probably won’t have a mouse and keyboard, so the adapter comes with the additional cost of buying extra peripherals.

The GameSir VX AimBox provides a fairly costly way for console gamers to use a keyboard and mouse. There's obviously concerns about how this can be exploited for competitive gaming, but it lets you play exclusive console games with a mouse and keyboard, which is pretty cool. Usability could be improved, but an impressive selection of customisation options means everyone can find their sweet spot.
  • Play console exclusives with keyboard and mouse
  • Lots of customisation
  • Expensive
  • Can be a bit fiddly
  • Not worth buying a keyboard and mouse specifically for