Icarus release delayed until November, new beta weekends confirmed

Last year, Dean Hall and the team at RocketWerkz announced the sci-fi survival title Icarus. In the game players would be dropping down to a planet and have a set time in which to prospect, survive, and extract. The amount of time will vary with each session. The game was originally set to release around this summer, but now the full release will instead be taking place in November. However, there will be beta weekends throughout August that will showcase different elements of Icarus.


The weekend beta details are as follows:

FOREST 28th – 29th August

This will be your first weekend playing Icarus! It’s also an opportunity to begin making the YouTube and Twitch content that you’ve been eager to share with your communities. So get base building and learn to hunt, Prospector.

  • Torrential Storms are
  • Forest biome only
STORMS 11th – 12th September

Now that you have spent time on the surface of Icarus, prepare for mother nature to do her thing. Torrential Storms are now enabled and, as seen on our Twitch streams, ensure you have your fire whacker and repair tool handy in case lightning strikes your base! Better yet, go mine some boulders to shelter in.

  • Torrential Storms are now
  • Forest biome only
ARCTIC 25th – 26th September

Brace yourself for the cold, for you now have access to the forbidding and demanding temperatures of the Arctic biome. It’s time to put your skills to the test as you prepare a survival plan for your journey.

  • Arctic biome
  • Arctic animals and blizzards
DESERT 9th – 10th October

We don’t expect you to have mastered the Arctic biome just yet – perhaps you can take a break from the frigid weather and visit the Desert for some R&R. Just kidding, there is no relaxation anywhere on Icarus.

  • Desert biome
  • Desert animals and blizzards
FACTIONS 23rd – 24th October

What does it mean to be a Prospector? This weekend you will get your first taste of Icarus’ political lore. Various factions and corporates have an interest in Icarus, but need someone expendable to run errands for them. In return for completing a series of objectives planetside they’ll reward you handsomely.

  • Faction Missions
COMMUNITY 6th – 7th November

Our final beta weekend will celebrate our community with a giveaway and a few other surprises. Hang tight for more information on this!

  • Special Community Event/ Prizes

The Icarus will be accessible to anyone who pre-purchases the game through Steam. The base game is currently priced at £21.41.

Source: Steam

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