Life Is Strange Remastered delayed to 2022, but True Colors will get some DLC instead

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Square Enix has pushed back the release of Life Is Strange Remastered Collection to early 2022, aiming to remove some of the pressure that the teams have faced trying to ready the remasters and the new Life Is Strange: True Colors for release in September.

Life Is Strange: True Colors will still release on 10th September, but now Life Is Strange Remastered Collection will not release on 30th September. Instead, that day will see a new DLC added to True Colors – Life Is Strange: Wavelengths. A trailer for this is expected later today.

The Life Is Strange team wrote on Twitter, “due to the ongoing challenges of the worldwide pandemic, we want to alleviate any additional pressure on the Life Is Strange team by giving more time between the release of Life is Strange: True Colors and the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection.”

The Remastered Collection was announced back in March alongside the latest game in the series, True Colors. Remastered Collection will bring together both the original Life Is Strange from Dontnod and the prequel series Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, which was developed by Deck Nine.

Both games are being given a thorough overhaul with new visuals across characters and environments, while the character animation will use full facial motion capture, and the gameplay has been updated with refined puzzles.

In the meantime, you’ll simply be able to play Life Is Strange: True Colors, which features an all new cast of characters and a new supernatural tale. Alex Chen (Erica Mori voice, MXMTOON when singing) is our new protagonist, with a new super power of empathy, letting her feel into other people’s emotions. This can manifest itself in seeing other people’s auras, listening to their inner throughts and potentially opening up new conversation options. This plays into the series’ traditional way of divergent narratives and choices.

The newly announced Wavelengths DLC will then follow another of the characters in the series, Steph Gingrich, who first appeared in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and will be a major character in True Colors.

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