Quake has been remastered and gets a new campaign from MachineGames

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If you’re going to announce a Quake game, there’s few better times than at the annual QuakeCon fanfest. So that’s exactly what Bethesda has done, announcing and releasing a newly enhanced version of the first game in the series.

Quake is out now for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. An upgrade will add 4K 120fps support on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X “soon”. If you have Xbox Game Pass, you can get the game through that, and owners of Quake on Steam or Bethesda.net will also get the update for free.

The remaster has been handled by Night Dive Studios, but the work was not restricted to them. In addition to the original Quake and its two expansion – The scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity – this remaster will also include two expansions made by Wolfenstein developer MachineGames. Dimensions of the Past, was created for Quake’s 20th anniversary in 2016, and MachineGames has followed that up for the 25th anniversary with Dimension of the Machine. The original Quake 64 will also lead a set of free optional add-ons.

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It’s a comprehensive package in that regard, and there’s been a clear refinement for the underlying game engine as well. This new version of Quake has widescreen support, enhanced character models dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field and more, though it stops short of throwing ray tracing into the mix, as Nvidia’s Quake II RTX release did.

The game will support local and online co-op for up to four players through all of the campaigns, and there’s obviously the classic deathmatch multiplayer, with eight players, cross-platform support, custom matches, and dedicated servers.

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This revitalised version of Quake was leaked just a little bit through QuakeCon’s own website. A ‘Let’s talk Quake’ panel takes place on Friday 20th August, running from 3:30PM to 4:30PM UK time, featuring John Linneman from Digital Foundry and Jerk Gustafsson of Machine Games as they discuss the game’s legacy. The surprise was spoilt just a bit when the schedule temporarily revealed that “The pair will also discuss the additional content MachineGames have contributed to this revitalized edition.”


Source: Bethesda

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  1. Quake was one of those landmark games – Wolfenstein and Doom may be the grand-daddies of FPS shooters but Quake was the first one with actual 3D models instead of sprites for the enemies. Plus i haven’t played them for years so this is tempting.

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