Splitgate Season Zero has launched, includes Contamination, a new map, and more

Splitgate Open Beta 10 Million Downloads

Splitgate Season Zero launches today and brings a new map, Karman Station, which is a reimagining of the original map, Outpost. It also includes Contamination, a new asymmetrical game mode  with one team only wielding bats against a team of shotgun players.

Splitgate Season Zero also has, you may be surprised to learn, a new Season Pass with 100 levels of goodies to unlock, Casual Team Rumble game mode, kill cams, and more.


Here are the patch notes:


Karman Station – A reimagining of the original map, Outpost. Karman Station replaces Outpost on our roster of Maps. Those of you who played before the Beta will recognize the similarities, but most importantly, the improvements!

Season 0 Battle Pass – The Battle Pass has 100 Levels of brand-new items, exclusive to the Pass! Included in the Pass are: New Armors, Weapon Skins, Name Tags, Banners, and a Portal Skin! Season Challenges are fully unlocked with the BP!

Contamination – New asymmetrical mode with two teams. The “Contaminated” team starts with Bats only and seeks to frag the “Human” team, who have shotguns. When a Human team member dies, they respawn on the Contaminated team. Game ends when time runs out or if all players are contaminated.

Casual Team Rumble – A new casual playlist with various game modes too wacky for normal casual! Game modes include Contamination, Big Head Snipers, Splitball, and more!

Final Kill Cam – Feature added by popular demand, you can now see the final kill of the game!

Pistol Rework – Balance Changes: Fully Auto, .125 fire rate,15.5 body, 17.5 head


Aim Assist slider – Some of you requested that you be able to turn off/scale down the Aim Assist for controllers. 100% Aim Assist = what the Aim Assist has been before this update.

Overtime – King of the Hill, VIP, and Oddball now has Overtime.

Doing all Daily Challenges gives a drop.

New Referral Pass – 9 Levels with new items! New referrals will only count towards the new referral pass.

Custom Games Browser – added searching and filtering.

You can now shoot portals through the bodies of allies.

Killcam is enabled in all modes now (ex: SWAT). We saw your petition.

Ranks – More Elo Divisions have been added. i.e. ELO 3000 =Diamond 1, ELO 3300 = Diamond 4, etc.

Team switching – custom games option for switching teams during the match.

Pickup zone text visibility improvements.

Updated Hills and DOM points on certain maps.

Hill Mesh updated.


Beta BP bug fixed – You can equip items 11-15 from the Beta Battle Pass in your locker. (Beta Fish is happy)

Footstep audio fixed.

Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.

More server optimizations.

Splitgate Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Play

The game originally launched in 2019 as Splitgate: Arena Warfare, available via Steam early access. Between then and now it has undergone some pretty extensive work. In July 2021, Splitgate arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, quickly racking up 2 million downloads since going into open beta. A next-gen update for Splitgate for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has been confirmed.

Although currently playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility, Splitgate hasn’t been fully optimised for these consoles. A next-gen upgrade would likely ramp up the game’s resolution while boosting performance.

Splitgate has been received well, praised for its cunning gameplay twist. Alongside your arsenal of sci-fi weapons, players have a teleportation device. If you’ve played Valve’s Portal series then you know exactly what to expect. Once you’ve activated your entry and exit portals (these won’t attach to every surface) you’re free to hop between them.

With arena style shooters having falling out of fashion some years ago, we could be looking at a comeback with Splitgate leading the charge. Bethesda just dropped a remastered version of Quake, complete with all expansions, mod support, and even online cross-play.

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