Marvel’s Avengers update 1.48 patch notes assemble

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Crystal Dynamics have dropped their newest update for Marvel’s Avengers 1.48 with a list of patch notes to scour through.

This update follows the recent Avengers War for Wakanda free expansion. Released at the end of last month, the DLC added King T’Challa (aka Black Panther) as a playable character along with a new campaign, multiplayer missions, and maps.


It’s no surprise that Black Panther has become one of the most popular heroes in-game as Avengers fans attempt to max out his power level. The Marvel icon already has an extensive wardrobe of comic-inspired costumes to choose from – now you’ll be able to dress him up in his MCU attire.

Marvel’s Avengers update 1.48 (referred to as game version 2.0.2) is now available to download on all platforms. There’s new content in the form of two new mission chains – for the patch notes in full, keep reading.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.48 Patch Notes

Reassemble Campaign and Avengers Initiative changes

  • Locked Heroes no longer appear as Companions during Missing Links.
  • Corrupted Vibranium clusters now correctly appear in the Enter: The Avengers mission rather than not spawning on some occasions.
  • Audio properly plays during the cinematic in Blood Feud where Klaue speaks to T’Challa.
  • Improved camera movement in the cinematic with Klaue in World of Wakanda.
  • In The Sound and the Fury, a black screen no longer appears after Crossbones leaves the final fight.
  • Upon resetting the War for Wakanda campaign progress, a second objective no longer appears when players need to speak to Okoye in the Royal Outpost.
  • Corrupted Vibranium: From Bad to Worse can now be completed when progression was previously blocked for some players.
  • U in Funeral can now be completed when progression was previously blocked for some players.
  • War for Wakanda no longer starts after restarting the Reassemble Campaign in rare cases.
  • Enemies no longer spawn underground in the first part of The Way it Began.

Multiplayer and Matchmaking

  • Players correctly receive bonus resources when playing through Quick Match.

Art and Animation

  • Captain America’s shield in his Marvel Studios’ The Avengers Outfit now appears correctly in the final cinematics of the Reassemble Campaign.
  • Black Panther’s long trench coat in outfits like his Exiles Outfit no longer clips during Quinjet sequences.
  • Black Panther’s long trench coat in outfits like his Exiles Outfit no longer clips through his neck.
  • Black Panther’s Exiles and King T’Challa Outfits no longer clips when he dodges.
  • Black Panther’s Haramu-Fal Outfit no longer clips around his stomach.
  • Iron Man no longer has two helmets on in cinematics across Wakanda.
  • After switching an outfit and immediately reloading checkpoint, the correct outfit appears in the Character Menu.
  • Large black spheres no longer appear when using light attacks against enemies with Lightweight Reverberation Claws equipped.

User Interface

  • Holding “E” while using keyboard and mouse now properly upgrades gear.
  • The correct Takedown icons are now shown in the Takedown section of the UI.
  • In the Corrupted Vibranium Event, improved clarity on Iron Man’s mission to state that Light Power Attacks (or Signature Attacks) are required to progress the Hulkbuster objective.
  • A text string no longer appears in Black Panther’s Challenge Card information.
  • A text string no longer appears when hovering over an empty Next Reward box in the UI.
  • Subtitles now match up correctly during The Sound and the Fury.
  • Iron Man’s Superior Armor’s price is correctly affected by the ongoing sale making it now sold for 900 Credits.
  • Subtitles aren’t cut off for Okoye during Blood Feud.
  • Crossbones’ Codex entry properly appears after fighting him for the first time.
  • Thor’s Royal Aesirian Outfit’s icon appears correctly in the Character Menu.
  • Shuri’s subtitles in From Bad to Worse correctly appear in the beginning of the mission.
  • Gear can be mass dismantled across tabs.
  • Various subtitle corrections throughout the Royal Outpost.

Gear, Challenges, and Rewards

  • Corrupted Vibranium shards now appear as red rather than white when on the ground.
  • Black Widow’s Iconic Outfit is properly unlocked after completing her Heroic Mission Chain.
  • In The Way it Began when first running into Corrupted Vibranium, rewards no longer continuously appear from the clusters after restarting checkpoint.


  • An unintended damage buff for Black Panther tied to the Nehanda gear no longer occurs. Yes, we’ve seen the videos.
  • Improved FPS on Kate’s Assault Heroic.
  • When Hunter Crawlers tether a downed Hero, the Hero no longer comes out of the downed state.
  • The Vibranium status effect Area-of-Effect explosion now damages surrounding enemies.
  • After Black Panther pins an enemy with King’s Mercy with the Cowl of the Unconquered piece equipped, the enemy no longer continuously drops Intrinsic Orbs.
  • Black Panther’s light and heavy attacks consistently play their intended sound effects.
  • Defeated enemies no longer A-Pose when Black Panther uses King’s Mercy on two or more of them.
  • In the first War for Wakanda mission on the cliffs outside Birnin Zana, using King’s Mercy on an enemy off a cliff no longer leaves them pinned to thin air.

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