Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will release on 16th November for PS5, Xbox Series X|S & PC

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, Frogwares’ latest sleuth ’em up, will be releasing for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on 16th November, the studio has announced. If you were wondering where the PS4 and Xbox One version were, well they haven’t been cancelled, but more details will be coming at a later date.


Despite being a prequel adventure, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is set to be Frogwares’ most ambitious game with the famous detective yet, with an open world Mediterranean island providing the backdrop to your deductive adventure. There’s five main quests that will preoccupy the young Sherlock’s mind, all of which combine to make one continuous story, but as we can expect from the world’s greatest detective, he can multitask with the more than 30 other side quests that are found in the game.

As in recent Frogwares Sherlock games, you won’t be stuck with a single solution to the cases, but will have to apply your deductive chops in piecing together the various clues and coming to a particular conclusion and even accusing the wrong person. The overall game will also have multiple endings because of this, the story continuing even if you pin the wrong people.

Being open world, you’ll be free to explore the island and find new mysteries as you wish. You’ll get to flex Sherlock’s disguise mastery, finding or buying outfits that will help gain the trust of various groups on the island, and more. With a mansion now being passed down to Sherlock, this is another avenue for customisation as you decorate the house.

That will see him lean on Jon (played by Wil Coban) – not John Watson, but a different Jon – who accompanies him as his best friend at this time in life.

It’s great to see Frogwares continuing to try and innovate within the Sherlock Holmes universe that they’ve cooked up, and even better to see a game that is managing to launch in its intended release year! The caveat is that is seems as though the last generation versions of the game (the ones that will need the most optimisation to meet performance targets) will be delayed. If you’ve got a PS5, Xbox Series X|S or a decent PC, though, you can hop into the adventure in November.

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