Ubisoft team up with The Palace of Versailles

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Remember 2020, when everything went nuts and we had Transformers in World of Warships? Well Ubisoft have gone one better and teamed up with The Palace of Versailles. You now have a few moments just to check this is reality and not some version of The Matrix that is suffering a malfunction.

So yes, this is real. A new  mobile app “Rabbids @ Versailles” will be available free of charge in five languages and offering ten augmented-reality mini-games. These will give children “a fun-filled learning experience in the gardens of Versailles.”


“The game is a treasure hunt for families and for children aged eight and up,” say Ubisoft. “The Rabbids have invaded the gardens of Versailles and players must flush them out, on the tracks of a mysterious Rabbid Louis XIV.”

That’s right, famous philanderer King Louis XIV is now a Rabbid.

Rabbids @ Versailles

Rabbids @ Versailles

“With each mini-game, players collect pieces of the regal garb of Rabbid Louis XIV, while also learning fun facts about the sites surrounding them: the hydraulic workings of the Latona Basin and the origin of the trees in the Orangery among others,” continue Ubisoft. “Social medial users can also find a Rabbid Louis XIV filter on Instagram and have fun placing the character in a variety of situations.”

The mind boggles thinking where you could place Rabbid Louis XIV.

While not particularly massive in the adult gaming world the Rabbids themselves are rather popular when it comes to children. Over 20 million games have been sold, the TV show is broadcast in 110 countries, a movie is in production and the Rabbids are soon to get the ultimate accolade: A ride at the Futuroscope theme park.

You can grab the Rabbids @ Versailles app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Source: The Palace of Versailles (there’s something I never thought I’d link!) 

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