Tribes of Midgard update 1.50 live, new mid-season content revealed

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Developer Norsfell have rolled out Tribes of Midgard update 1.50 which is now available to download and install on PC and consoles.


Alongside a long list of gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and other changes, Tribes of Midgard is introducing a glut of new content for players to enjoy.

There a new ways to customise your Viking warriors with powerful Runes to unlock and 5 cosmetic sets to change their appearance.

The amusingly named Valhalloween event is right around the corner too. From October 12th to November 1st, Tribes of Midgard will host its own festival of fright with loads of themed bonuses to unlock.

Tribes of Midgard Update 1.50 Patch Notes


  • Fenrir Variants
    • With our first Mid-Saga update comes the debut of our Saga Boss Variant system. Now, when starting a new World, there is a 50/50 chance that you will encounter one of two Fenrir variations at the end of your Saga Quest. Keep an eye out for visual differences in the Myth Lair entrance and the Arena itself to foreshadow which version you’ll be facing off against. See Content section below for more details.
  • New Challenge Types
    • We’ve added recurring Daily and Weekly Challenge types that can be completed for continual rewards, such as Golden Horns and Season XP to help progress you through the Season Rewards track.


  • Wolfmancer Fenrir
    • Sporting a fresh look, this new Fenrir Variant never fights alone, for he is a master of magic… wolf magic! Throughout your encounter with Wolfmancer Fenrir, he will summon his wolf allies to distract and overwhelm you, in addition to attacking you directly (he fights dirty). Should Wolfmancer Fenrir be reduced to 50% HP, he will call for aid from his most trustworthy of wolf allies, the gigantic and deadly Sköll and Hati. Good luck!
  • Doomhowler Fenrir
    • The wolf formerly known simply as Fenrir has taken up the new mantle of Doomhowler. Why? Well, because he’s honed his signature Howl ability to be even more deadly (doomful?). When below the 50% HP threshold, Doomhowler Fenrir will shoot out magical projectiles in all directions every time he uses his Howl ability. Stay nimble and you might just make it through in one piece.
  • New Challenges
    • To accompany the additions of New Challenge types and the new Fenrir Variants, we’ve added a multitude of challenges for players to complete and earn rewards from. Be sure to check out the Challenges from the Progress tab on the Main Menu to see what we’ve added, including:
      • New Saga Challenges – take down the Fenrir Variants by the set times to earn your rewards!
      • New Daily and Weekly Challenges – complete these regularly to earn extra Golden Horns and large amounts of Season XP!
  • New Runes
    • We have added 5 powerful new Runes for you to play around and experiment with. See below for their abilities and how to acquire them:
      • Life Loot [Common]: Defeated enemies have a 20% chance to generate [1] orb that grants 200 HP.
        • Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
      • Björn Aghast [Uncommon]: Reviving an ally triggers an explosion that deals [high] physical damage.
        • Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
      • Making Waves [Uncommon]: Shielding for 3 seconds triggers a shockwave that deals [medium] physical damage.
        • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
      • Storm Chaser [Rare]: Combo attacks have a 5% chance to generate [1] magical orb that seek out enemies, exploding for [medium] Thunder damage.
        • Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
      • Bomb Voyage [Epic]: Combo attacks have a 10% chance to stick a timed bomb on an enemy that deals [medium] physical damage after a short delay.
        • Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
  • New Starter Kits
    • We have added 3 Starter Kits to provide more options for changing up your strategies in Midgard. See below for their contents and how to acquire them:
      • Shield Offense Starter Kit [Common]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with Shivered Shield III x1 and Making Waves Rune x1.
        • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
      • Life Giver Starter Kit [Uncommon]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with Healing Brew x1 and Life Loot Rune x1.
        • Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
      • Life & Death Starter Kit [Rare]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with Last Laugh Rune x1 and Björn Aghast Rune x1.
        • Unlocked by completing a new Saga Challenge
  • New Cosmetic Sets
    • V1.K1NG – Armor x5 and Equipment x5
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
    • Monkey King – Armor x5 and Equipment x5.
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • New Pet
    • Cloud King – equal parts regal and mischievous, this monkey flies atop the clouds themselves.
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

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