Tribes of Midgard has been confirmed for PS5, checkout the gameplay trailer

Norsfell and Gearbox have confirmed that Tribes of Midgard will be released on PS5 in 2021, and a new gameplay trailer has been released to mark that news. Tribes of Midgard is set during Ragnarok as the Giants invade Midgard. You’re not one of the gods facing off against these invaders but instead a villager who has to protect their village from this war between worlds. You can watch the PS5 gameplay reveal trailer below.


The features of Tribes of Midgard includes:

    • Up to 10 Player Co-Op – Form a tribe, from 1 to 10 players, and thrive together as long as you can.
    • Explore Midgard – Discover ancient relics, meet wandering merchants and face treacherous enemy camps.
    • Craft Legendary Equipment – Use your gathered materials to forge new equipment and reinforce your village.
    • Defend Your Home At Night – Work together to stop the legions of Hel from invading your village at nightfall.

    • Fight Together In The Wild – Face a variety of enemies while exploring the world and loot them for rewards.

    • Stop The Giants To Prevent Ragnarök – Engage menacing Giants and defeat them before they destroy the Seed of Yggdrasil.

Of course, Tribes of Midgard is just one of the confirmed games for the PS5. Last night during Sony’s PS5 reveal event there were a lot of games that made their presence felt. That included the new expansion for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Resident Evil VIII, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Project Athia, Sackboy A Big Adventure, Stray, Ghostwire Tokyo, Jett The Far Shore, NBA 2K21, Hitman III, Pragmata, Deathloop, Demon’s Souls Remake, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Astro’s Playroom, Bugsnax, Little Devil Inside, Oddworld Soulstorm, Destruction AllStars, Solar Ash, and Goodbye Volcano High. That’s not forgetting Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online, and Control all getting confirmed for the PS5 too.

If you somehow missed it here is what the PS5 will look like. Tribes of Midgard will also be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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