Gran Turismo 7 confirmed for PS5

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 – The Real Driving Simulator, is coming to PS5. We don’t like to say we told you so, but, well, we did, when we caught the leak from Next Level Racing. It’s no surprise really. GT Sport was the sole showing for Gran Turismo on PS4, and while it’s an incredible racer, it wasn’t quite the full Gran Turismo experience. Here, bearing the Gran Turismo 7 tag you can be sure that this is the next true mainline entry in a franchise that is quite unequivocally one of the most integral PlayStation series. So much so, that it’s the highest selling PlayStation franchise of all time. Pretty impressive, huh?


Gran Turismo first appeared on the original PlayStation in 1997, some twenty three years ago, if you need any assistance wondering just how old you are. Coming from developer Polyphony, the serious racing simulator became synonymous with the PlayStation brand, and, in terms of the console space, remained very much at the top of the sim racer pile until the rise of Forza on that other console brand.

GT Sport appeared in 2017, and focussed more on the online competitive racing scene than working your way through an array of offline licenses. Despite the lacking single player, we gave it an exceedingly strong 8/10, with our very own Editor in Chief having this to say:

“Gran Turismo Sport is a near essential purchase for PlayStation 4 racing fans. There might be a few disappointments in some of the limitations and regressions, but the brilliance of the game is in the small details that combine to enable willing players to become better drivers and racers and the implementation of multiplayer. Underneath it all, this is still a very familiar feeling Gran Turismo racing game, but it’s also one that’s set to grow and evolve over time and looks set to herald a new era of competitive online racing.”

Hopefully GT7 can give the all round experience people desire from the off, instead of being quite the same drip-feed like GT Sport was.

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  1. Happy days! I wonder when it will be released?

    Anyway, glad it exists. Off to pour over every frame of the trailer for clues.

    • It’s going to be ages away isn’t it?

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