Marvel’s Wolverine gets Spec Ops: The Line writer as story lead

Marvels Wolverine
Marvels Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine has enlisted Walt D. Williams as story lead over at Insomniac Games. For those who don’t recognise the name, Williams worked as narrative director on 2012’s controversial Spec Ops: The Line.

This latest update on Marvel’s Wolverine wasn’t broadcast by PlayStation or Insomniac. Instead, this nifty piece of trivia was stumbled upon by curious fans wanting to know more about the game, including Twitter gaming source Shinobi602.

Why should gamers be excited for this news? Firstly, it underlines Insomniac’s intent to make Marvel’s Wolverine a game with a darker storyline, the developer having previously stated that it was aiming for a more mature tone compared to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Aside from being a challenging third person shooter with some interesting quirks, Spec Ops: The Line went rogue with its brutal, mind-being plot. Taking inspiration from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (which also heavily influenced Apocalypse Now) the campaign saw three elite operatives infiltrate a ravaged Dubai to thwart a rogue U.S colonel in the midst of a sandstorm. It’s been almost a decade since the game launched on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, though we still remember the controversial white phosphorous scene as well as the four potential endings.

Williams has the chops for darker, though-provoking stories and hopefully we’ll see that in Marvel’s Wolverine. The X-Men legend is always on standby for when writers want to delve into the bloodier, more grisly corners of the Marvel universe.

We have yet to learn any details about where and when Marvel’s Wolverine is set, or which key characters will make an appearance. Superhero origin stories have been done to death though we’d be intrigued to see how a game tackles the Weapon X project and how it shapes Wolverine as a character.

Sony hasn’t set a release date for Marvel’s Wolverine just yet. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been billed for 2023 and is exclusive to PS5.

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