Payday 3 will be set in New York, the original gang returns

Payday 3
Payday 3

Starbreeze have revealed details of Payday 3, a game that has been in development for a very long time and won’t be out until 2023. The series is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Payday franchise and details of the new game were revealed as part of a livestream.#


“The Payday universe has an ongoing narrative that has been created over the years”, said Erik Wonnevi, game director of Payday 3. “The Gang has built a reputation by going after the highest profile targets, setting up some of the craziest heist plans and going up against some of the most powerful of enemies. And through all of this, the Gang keeps coming out on top.

“In their exploits, the Gang has become, as they call it, the tightest crew ever. The wider criminal underworld of Payday lives its own life where movers and shakers want a piece of the action, or a piece of the Payday Gang.”

Much like Payday 2, the sequel will embody its games as a service approach to dishing out regular new content. Having originally launched in 2013, Payday 2 continues to enjoy a thriving fanbase with dozens of DLC packs having been released featuring new levels, characters, weapons, and cosmetics.

Payday 3

Payday 3

An agreement in March 2021 revealed that Koch Media’s new label, Prime Matter, would join Starebreeze in publishing the game.

Starbreeze remains the owner of the PAYDAY IP – one of the most successful game franchises in the world with more than 28 million installed base games to date – and will be responsible for the continued development of PAYDAY 3. The game marks the next major product for Starbreeze and will enable the company to further grow the PAYDAY IP-portfolio.

“We are excited to announce this exclusive long-term PAYDAY 3 co-publishing deal with Koch Media who shares our passion for the PAYDAY franchise and the “Games as a service” model. In addition to securing the continued development, this deal secures global publishing of PAYDAY 3 as well as the marketing efforts through the entire game life cycle. We now have a strong foundation for a successful launch of PAYDAY 3”, said Tobias Sjögren, Acting CEO of Starbreeze.

With over 20 years of experience, Koch Media has positioned itself as a premier publisher of digital entertainment. Using its extensive global marketing and communications experience and networks, Koch Media will be responsible for publishing and marketing activities for PAYDAY 3 around the world.

“We are delighted to welcome Starbreeze as a new partner for our global publishing business. PAYDAY 3 is shaping up to be an incredible game. Based on what we’ve seen already, PAYDAY 3 is going to take the franchise to new heights and will delight PAYDAY fans as well as new audiences alike with innovative multiplayer gameplay”, said Klemens Kundratitz, CEO, Koch Media Group.

PAYDAY 3 will be launched in a coordinated release on PC and consoles in 2023, with additional content and functionalities planned for long beyond the original release date.

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