Rust Console update 1.09 brings a Halloween twist

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Rust Console Edition update 1.09 has been released just in time for Halloween. Developer Double Eleven has issued a festive hotfix for its PS4 and Xbox One port of the popular sandbox survival game.

You will need to download and install this latest free patch in order to play Rust online. It’s worth noting that 1.09 doesn’t come tagged with any major new content or game features, Double Eleven having rolled out some minor bug fixes.


However, those wanting to get into the spirit of Halloween can access new cosmetic bundles from the in-game store. These include the Evil Pumpkin Veteran skin as well as the Evil Pumpkin Architecture bundle which includes a range of spooky ornaments for your base.

Rust Console Edition Update 1.09 Patch Notes | PS4 & Xbox One


  • Found reproduction steps for the “Invisible walls” bug. When testing in isolation it was discovered they were actually ghost trees, but this has now been fixed!

  • Fixed an issue with Voicechat causing thousands and thousands of requests to be sent in a short period of time. This was leading to slow internal operations.

  • Added more error checking into Voicechat with the aim of catching some of the remaining (rare) crashes.

UI for Halloween

  • Added a “quick open” feature to the main menu. This will take players directly to the new added skin bundles.

  • Added a new video and ambience to the main menu to celebrate Halloween.

In our review of Rust on PS4 and Xbox One, we scored the port a 6/10, saying: โ€œRust Console Edition manages to transcribe the wildly popular PC experience, but a few key missing features mean it falls short of what it should be. It could be great in time, but right now it feels like a disappointing misstep in comparison to the fleshed out PC version.โ€

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