Super Meat Boy Forever heads to mobile in 2022

Super Meat Boy Forever is going to be launched in mobile in 2022, it has been confirmed. While an exact date is not yet stated the trailer does use the word soon, so it ls likely Super Meat Boy Forever will be released on mobile early in the year. The game originally began life as a mobile specific game but as time went on Team Meat expanded Super Meat Boy Forever, and decided to aim for more platforms. In 2017, the studio announced that Super Meat Boy Forever would out in 2018. That did not happen. Then in 2018, Team Meat announced that the game would be out in 2019. That too did not happen. The game finally released on 23rd December 2020.


In the sequel Meat Boy and Bandage Girl must face off against Dr Fetus once more, with the stakes this time being the safety of their child Nugget.

In our review for Super Meat Boy Forever, Thomas wrote: “Super Meat Boy Forever is an interesting sequel. It attempts to build on the legacy of its predecessor, but the additions it brings to the table cannot elevate it beyond the simplicity of the original. The updated visuals are welcome, but Super Meat Boy Forever is a classic example of trying too hard to innovate, while losing sight of what made the series so beloved.”

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