Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia Exhibition launches on PC, Mac, and PS5 this week

Radiohead’s albums Kid A and and Amnesiac are one of ‘those’ albums. Albums that everyone declares to be genius and you should totally listen to, but in reality you never get round to it. Well good news if you are one of those people, you can soon experience the both them smooshed together in the Radiohead Kid A Mnesia Exhibition. The free download will launch on PlayStation 5, PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store on Thursday November 18th.

I bet you’re wondering what on earth an exhibition on PlayStation 5 would look like and fortunately we have a trailer.


Well that cleared things up didn’t it? Here’s developers [namethemachine] and Arbitrarily Good Productions explaining exactly what is going on.

KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION is a fevered dream-space, an edifice, built from the art and creatures, words and recordings of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac uncovered from 20 odd years ago, reassembled and given new mutant life.

Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke’s twisted anxious artwork and writing made to accompany the music of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac is uncovered and brought back to life, in a building hidden in a forest made in pencil, stretching the idea of what an exhibition is to breaking point.. or into something else entirely.

The original multitrack recordings of Kid A and Amnesiac are scattered and reformed in a series of impossible or possible spaces populated by equally impossible or possible creatures, surrounded by the art of Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke, created as the millennium loomed.

You will be able to download the exhibition from the following links:

For PC & Mac: Link
For PlayStation 5: Link


Radiohead: Ooh, arty!

I think this is the first ever exhibition on PlayStation, although it does seem to be more like that weird Amiga style demo that was launched on PlayStation 3, Datura.

Source: Press release

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  1. I feel it’s a bit overpriced for anything involving Radiohead.

  2. Sounds kinda cool, will def check that out.

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