Twelve Minutes releases in December for PS5, PS4, and Switch

Twelve Minutes will be released on December 7th for PS5, PS4, and Switch, Annapurna Interactive has announced today. The rather divisive title released back in the summer for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Twelve Minutes is a narrative adventure that has a star studded cast including Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy, and Willem Dafoe, in which a man gets stuck in a time loop during a evening where decisions can have major consequences.


James McAvoy plays the husband, Daisy Ridley plays the wife, and Willem Dafoe plays a character that is supposedly a policeman. Twelve Minutes is not large in scope with it taking place in a small flat and with just three characters, but the way players interact with the world determines how quickly you can unfold the story being told. Each action can lead to a clue of what to do so eventually you as a player know what choices to make, and how to end the time loop to discover the truth of the matter in Twelve Minutes. It may be a truth that will shock players.

In our review for Twelve Minutes, Khee Hoon Chan wrote: Twelve Minutes has an intoxicating premise about a man stuck in a time loop, backed by a Hollywood cast of voice actors that immediately presents the game with a veneer of cinematic prestige. But just as it quickly captivates the player with the tantalising promise to unravel all its mysteries, it also loses all that steam just as rapidly with its unbelievable twists and unspeakable violence, resulting in a conclusion that’s as mind-boggling as it’s nauseating. In the end, Twelve Minutes can’t seem to rise above its film influences, as it grinds to an unsatisfying, disconcerting halt.

The full review for Twelve Minutes can be read here.

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  1. Good this comes to platforms I actually play on, although mixed reviews made me rethink my initial interest.

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