Battlefield 2042 DLC leak reveals Santa skin and festive camos

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Battlefield 2042 DLC has been discovered, featuring festive themes goodies that presumably feature in an upcoming event.

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Battlefield 2042 DLC – there’s a good chance EA’s sequel will be on this year’s naughty list.


As EA DICE attempts to steady its flagship shooter following a rocky launch period, the studio has accidentally given players a glimpse of its Christmas DLC.

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Spotted by members of the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, there appears to be a Santa Claus outfit for Boris in the pipeline, as well as questionable Christmas jumper paint jobs for tanks and choppers.

DICE has yet to comment on the accidental leak though we’ll likely receive details soon as the holidays drawn ever nearer.

Battlefield 2042 DLC won’t place maps and modes behind a paywall. Instead, these will be free to all players – those wanting to spend money can unlock bonus Specialists as well as a premium battle pass for each season, loaded with non-gameplay rewards.

Battlefield 2042 Update #3 was the biggest patch for the game yet. In addition to fixes (and apparently causing new problems!), it lays some of the foundations for the game’s future support in 2022. Weekly Missions give players three varying missions each week that you can track from the main menu. Completing a missions will earn you XP to boost the levelling up you’re already doing through regular play, but the main goal will be to complete all three and earn a cosmetic reward to show off. This will be a key part of when seasonal content goes live early next year.

While it definitely still has those Battlefield moments, 2042 scored a disappointing 6 out of 10 in our review at launch:

“There’s a good game to be found within the Battlefield 2042 and fun to be had as the spectacle of Battlefield’s signature gameplay is taken to new, more expansive heights, but it’s marred by a handful of unsuccessful gameplay design changes, hurriedly implemented features and bugs at launch.”

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