DayZ 1.15 hotfix update fixes issues with lights and crash issue

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DayZ has received a new update in the form of update 1.15 hotfix that fixes a handful of issues from the original 1.15 update. These fixes include sorting a crash issue when particles did not get handled correctly, making sure lights can be toggled when attached to helmets, and making inventory slots visible. There are also a couple of fixes on the server side as well as a fix for modding as well, which should also help with the crash issues DayZ has in some instances. The full patch notes are below.

CONSOLE UPDATE 1.15 – Hotfix 1 – Version 1.15.154355 (Released on 06.12.2021)




  • Fixed a game crash cause by bad memory handling of particles
  • Flash lights could not be toggled while attached to a helmet
  • Fire barrels could despawn when all attachments were removed
  • L button could not be used on M&K to switch on a head torch
  • Inventory attachment slots were not visible on some items while in hands
  • AUR rifles played the reload sound twice when reloading


  • Fixed: Gameplay settings modifiers for stamina (sprintStaminaModifierErc and sprintStaminaModifierCro) were not working correctly
  • Fixed: Incorrect message handling on loot from the dynamic events (causing excessive flooding of logs)


  • Fixed: Crash when calling GetGame().ObjectDelete() on a ParticleSource managed by a ParticleManager, it will now ignore the request and output an error

In our review for DayZ on console, Jim was not impressed but fixes may have addressed some issues. In the review he wrote: “DayZ has a rich history, a long lineage of war stories and strange survivor tales that have drawn thousands down its rabbit hole, but its reality is very different. There’s nothing here but a dull, vacuous wasteland, devoid of character and relying solely on players to make their own fun.”

Source: DayZ forum

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