Bloodhunt gets a gory new trailer, watch it here

Bloodhunt ps5 trailer

The trailers are still flowing out of The Game Awards and the latest is for Bloodhunt. Check it out.


The Early Access has come to close a close, “Your feedback has helped us immensely in understanding where our game shines but also where we need to work harder to meet the high standards that both we as developers and you the players expect,” say Sharkmob Games.

“When we launch Bloodhunt next year, we want to ensure that both the PC and the PS5 version offer a fantastic high-quality experience as we will be marketing the game heavily towards players that may never have played or even heard about Bloodhunt previously,” they continue.

“We hope that this will enable many new players to not only play Bloodhunt but also engage with the fantastic community that has been built up around our game in this very short time period, and we hope that our core community will continue to help us spread the good word about Bloodhunt. We will be sharing more detailed information about these topics in the upcoming months.”

Bloodhunt has been available in Early Access on Steam and will be getting a full launch on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2022. The game was originally revealed back in January 2020.

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