PUBG Battlegrounds is going free to play in January

PUBG Battlegrounds will be going free to play on January 11th, Krafton Inc has confirmed, and this applies to both the PC and console versions of the game. There will be a premium tier available called Battlegrounds Plus for PUBG Battlegrounds and that will have a one time cost of $12.99, and this will give access to exclusive content that those playing for free will not get. Anyone who has purchased PUBG Battlegrounds prior to it going free to play will be automatically upgraded to the premium tier.


“As PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS pioneered the battle royale genre and has grown into a globally influential game IP, this is the perfect time to transition to F2P and welcome new players to the game,” said CH Kim, CEO of KRAFTON, Inc. “The game has grown substantially since we brought it to Early Access nearly five years ago, and we believe it offers one of the best values in gaming. Whether it’s the game’s eight unique maps, consistently updated features or engaging in-game partner activations, transitioning to F2P is the next step in our journey to widen the scope of the PUBG IP through content that both new and veteran players will love.”

Players can register now for the free to play version of the game. If you do so you will get some rewards including a Highside Slick Backpack, a Highside Slick Top, and two preset slot coupons. Since PUBG Battlegrounds launched in 2017 it has sold over 75 million copies.

Last month, PUBG: New State was released for mobile. The new game is set in 2051 and includes weapon customization, the drone store and a player recruitment system. It is playable in seventeen languages and includes three game modes. Battle Royale will find players fighting across Troi and PUBG franchise staple Erangel, a 4v4 Deathmatch will offer a more focused experience while the Training Ground lets you test your skills before joining a big battle. There is a monthly Survivor Passes that allow players to unlock a variety of in-game rewards and Ranked Seasons that allow players to compete against other Survivors, increase their “tier” and earn high-end in-game rewards. Ranked Seasons will run for two months at a time.

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